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Continuous Casting of Steel

08.02.2021 – 11.02.2021seminar in english

The online-seminar  takes place daily in the afternoon Central European Time.


Professor Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Dieter Senk, RWTH Aachen University

Established by Professor Klaus Schwerdtfeger


Fundamentals on Steel Solidification | Heat Transfer in Continuous Casting | Cooling Systems | Shell Growth | Development of Real Solidification Structures | Fluid Flow in Mold and SEN | Strand Guiding; Mechanical Stress and Strain | Performance of Casting Flux in the Mold | Surface Defects | Coupling of Casting and Hot Rolling | Refractory Materials


Steel is the no 1 material in the world of technology. Automobiles, machines and countless parts of daily live are made of steel. New and innovative high performance steel grades are created and combine several properties on a high level of quality. Plant design and casting processes are continuously developed.

At present, independent of the production route and resources more than 95 % of the raw steel melts are cast continuously. The metal solidifies in the shape of slabs, blooms or billets. During the casting step the quality of the later product is determined, as well at the surface as in inner regions. Product properties like strength, elongation, fatigue behaviour or optical surface appearance have their origin in controlled solidification.

This Continuous Casting Course is designed to train persons in continuous casting of steel. The course is suitable to give an overview to newcomers and to train operating engineers in theoretical fundamentals.

The Live Stream

The Steel Academy attaches great importance to the audiovisual quality of its online-seminars. The seminar will be broadcast as a live-stream from Steel Academy’s film studio in Dusseldorf – with high quality camera, microphone and lighting. A moderator leads through the lectures.

In a moderated text-based chat, you have the opportunity to address your questions directly to the speaker.

A online-seminar - how does it work?

After seminar registration you receive an e-mail with a link and a pass word. At seminars’s starting the link leads you to the streaming platform You log in with the password.

The following equipment is required to participate in the live stream seminar:

Windows or Mac computer, (tablet PC or smartphone also possible), current Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Stable internet connection (preferably broadband)

Speakers (integrated or headset). We recommend a headset for better audio quality. The discussion takes place via chat, a microphone is not required.

Further details on the system requirements can be found on the help page of the online-seminar platform (

Registration Fee

  • € 750,00* // € 850,00 VAT-free

* for employees of member companies and individual members of the Steel Institute VDEh. Scientific staff of universities gets a 50 % off.

Each additional participant of the same company gets a 50 % discount.

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