Stahlinstitut VDEh – 26.10.2021

Refractory Technology - Applications, Wear Mechanism and Failures

22.11.2021 – 24.11.2021seminar in english

Maintenance and operating personnel, supervisors responsible for plant and unit operations, and managers responsible for decisions on refractory problems will learn about new materials and installation methods. Refractory installers, third party inspectors and contract maintenance personnel will particularly benefit from detailed discussions on new installation techniques and materials.

Fachliche Leitung / Directed by

Dr. Andreas Buhr, Frankfurt

Seminarinhalt / Content

Steel manufacturing process / General overview of wear mechanisms, methods for examination of the refractory material after use / Refractory lining and wear mechanism of blast furnace, taphole, and runners / Refractory lining and wear in the torpedo ladle / Process conditions and factors affecting the refractory lining life and the development of refractory materials technology in oxygen blowing converters / Steel Teeming Ladle: ladle metallurgical treatments, refractory stress, materials and lining concepts / Challenges and solutions for continuous casting refrac-tories in consideration of clean steel, automation and economy / Refractory lining and wear of AC and DC furnaces / Economics in refractory usage / Team-work on failure case studies

Teilnahmegebühr / Registration Fee

EUR 640* seminar fee, VAT free
EUR 690 seminar fee, VAT-free

* for employees from member plants and personal members of the steel institute VDEh.
University staff and students receive a 50% discount on the seminar fee. Also 50 % discount for each additional participant from the same company location.

As part of the VDEh youth development sponsorship also young engineers (up to 35 years) of member companies receive a 50% discount

The seminar fee is VAT-free according to § 4, number 22 UStG,

Cancellation free of charge is not possible after receiving of the log-in data.

The Online Seminar

The seminar consists of two parts: the actual lectures and the exercises

The lectures are offered as a live stream via Vimeo.
The participant logs in with the password and can follow the presentations. As part of a chat function, the participant can ask questions to the speaker.

The exercises are done on a different chat platform. To do this, the participant receives an invitation to a Teams chat. Here the entire group of participants is divided into subgroups. These subgroups process the claims independently in the afternoons. The seminar leader will always “drop by” the individual groups and give assistance.

In the afternoon of the last day, all participants come together again in Teams and the groups present their results.

Important information: Please use the following link to check whether your computer's security settings allow access to the streaming platform If no film starts there, please talk to your IT department:
We recommend using headphones during the online seminar.

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