Stahlinstitut VDEh – 27.01.2020

International Seminars

International Seminars

The Steel Academy is the education department of the Steel Institute VDEh and the leading provider of seminars on the metallurgy and material technology of steel. The Academy’s programme covers the topics of raw materials, recycling, iron and steel production, forming, material technology, energy and the environment. The non-technical seminars cover business administration, management topics and intercultural training. The participants come from steel companies, the supplier and user industries, and plant manufacturers.

The programme currently includes 35 seminars, of which 30 deal with technical aspects of the material steel. Events last from one day to four weeks. The Steel Academy always strives to further develop the seminar programme and to adapt it to current technical, economic and social challenges.

The Steel Academy collaborates with numerous universities, technical colleges and institutes (which often host the seminars) in order to ensure that the seminars maintain a high level. The roughly 200 trainers and speakers are experts from industry, research and development, as well as from universities and associations.

Our conference language is English. The extensive written documentation is in English language too.

Overview: International Seminars 2019 (.pdf)
Overview: International Seminars 2020 (.pdf)